Marko Horobchyk

Marko Horobchyk is a brush-inspired typeface for children’s literature.

    As the name suggests(Horobchyk is Ukrainian for sparrow), the initial idea was to create a typeface-companion for Marko the sparrow Гі a cartoon character by illustrator and type designer Zhenya Spizhovyi.

      Marko Horobchyk is simple and smooth, has special inner tension and eye-catchy detailing. The letterforms are based on calligraphy and sketches Гі this is what makes Marko Horobchyk lively, enchanting, and amiable.

        Marko Horobchyk will work best in medium to large sizes and captivating headlines.
        While it is technically optimised for better performance on screen, carefully
        adjusted outlines promise good quality in print too.

        Marko Horobchyk is released on Google Web fonts as Marko One.

        Use webfont Download Marko One